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[2] Margry, after investigations at Rouen, is satisfied of its truth (Journal Gnral de l'Instruction Publique, xxxi. 571.) Family papers of the Caveliers, examined by the Abb Faillon, and copies of some of which he has sent to me, lead to the same conclusion. We shall find several allusions hereafter to La Salle's having in his youth taught in a school, which, in his position, could only have been in connection with some religious community. The doubts alluded to have proceeded from the failure of Father Felix Martin, S. J., to find the name of La Salle on the list of novices. If he had looked for the name of Robert Cavelier, he would probably have found it. The companion of La Salle, Hennepin, is very explicit with regard to this connection with the Jesuits, a point on which he had no motive for falsehood.For two years past, Jogues had been at Montreal; and it was here that he received the order of his Superior to proceed to the Mohawk towns. At first, nature asserted itself, and he recoiled involuntarily at the thought of the horrors of which his scarred body and his mutilated hands were a living memento. [2] It was a transient weakness; and he prepared to depart with more than willingness, giving thanks to Heaven that he had been found worthy to suffer and to die for the saving of souls and the greater glory of God.Bellevue University is making adjustments on a daily basis during the ongoing COVID-19 disease outbreak.

[89] The Friendly Society of the Spirit, of which the initiatory ceremonies were seen and described by Carver (Travels, 271), preserves to this day its existence and its rites.If students are experiencing anxiety or need support during this time, Bellevue University provides students with free crisis counseling services in-person on the main Bellevue University campus.

[12] Lettre du P. Paul Ragueneau au T. R. P. Vincent Carafa, Gnral de la Compagnie de Jsus Rome, Sainte Marie aux Hurons, 1 Mars, 1649 (Carayon).Bellevue University also provides the free TalkCampus app for all local and distance students.TalkCampus offers services in multiple languages. Click here for more information about both of these services.

Holy Mother Church, linked in sordid wedlock to governments and thrones, numbered among her servants a host of the worldly and the proud, whose service of God was but the service of themselves,and 84 many, too, who, in the sophistry of the human heart, thought themselves true soldiers of Heaven, while earthly pride, interest, and passion were the life-springs of their zeal. This mighty Church of Rome, in her imposing march along the high road of history, heralded as infallible and divine, astounds the gazing world with prodigies of contradiction: now the protector of the oppressed, now the right arm of tyrants; now breathing charity and love, now dark with the passions of Hell; now beaming with celestial truth, now masked in hypocrisy and lies; now a virgin, now a harlot; an imperial queen, and a tinselled actress. Clearly, she is of earth, not of heaven; and her transcendently dramatic life is a type of the good and ill, the baseness and nobleness, the foulness and purity, the love and hate, the pride, passion, truth, falsehood, fierceness, and tenderness, that battle in the restless heart of man. * Lettre de Colbert a Terron, Rochelle, 8 Fev., 1664. Il aCOVID-19 SPECIFIC QUESTIONS?

little book, Histoire Vritable et Naturelle des M?urs etI have received most valuable aid in my inquiries from the great knowledge and experience of M. Pierre Margry, Chief of the Archives of the Marine and Colonies at Paris. I beg also warmly to acknowledge the kind offices of Abb Henri Raymond Casgrain and Grand Vicar Cazeau, of Quebec, together with those of James LeMoine, Esq., M. Eugne Tach, Hon. P. J. O. Chauveau, and other eminent Canadians, and Henry Harrisse, Esq.


February 23, 2021

Mohawks 500 300At night they encamped again. The scene is a familiar one to many a tourist; and perhaps, standing at sunset on the peaceful strand, Champlain saw what a roving student of this generation has seen on those same shores, at that same hour,the glow of the vanished sun behind the western mountains, darkly piled in mist and shadow along the sky; near at hand, the dead pine, mighty in decay, stretching its ragged arms athwart the burning heaven, the crow perched on its top like an image carved in jet; and aloft, the nighthawk, circling in his flight, and, with a strange whirring sound, diving through the air each moment for the insects he makes his prey.Bellevue University has updated its event guidelines and the new guidelines go into effect March 1, 2021. University-sponsored events and limited community group events will be held on campus starting on this date. All events are expect to follow recommended COVID-19 guidelines (masks, distancing, frequent cleaning of surfaces and washing/sanitizing of hands. See the specific … Continue reading February 23, 2021


his strictures, but bears very hard on La Motte-Cadillac,But how was the colony to subsist? Their island was too small for culture, while the mainland was infested with hostile tribes, and threatened by the Portuguese, who regarded the French occupancy as a violation of their domain.

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Thuphrastos shrugged his shoulders.The words were received with a fresh outbreak of mirth.We are here for our students! ALL online classes continue as scheduled. Residential classes are expected to continue in person through the fall and winter terms. Faculty and staff are available to support students (and parents) locally, nationally and internationally. All student services are available virtually. Some campus buildings are closed to walk-in traffic or have limited access.


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The chief items are the brewery and a house of some value ontyrants conceived the idea that by planting at Onondaga a colony of Frenchmen under the direction of these beloved fathers, the Hurons of Orleans, disarmed of suspicion, might readily be led to join them. Other motives, as we shall see, tended to the same end, and the Onondaga deputies begged, or rather demanded, that a colony of Frenchmen should be sent among them.Welcome Center Lobby:
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